First American Education Project: The First American Education Project, a non-profit organization founded by Tribal leaders, seeks to educate the public about issues of importance to Indians and the general public.

National Indian Telecommunications Institute: To employ advanced technology to serve American Indians, Native Hawaiians and Alaska Natives in the areas of education, economic development, language and cultural preservation, tribal policy issues and self-determination. 

National Aboriginal Documents Database

Native American Caucus

National Archaeological Database: Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation.

Index of Native American Colleges

American Indian Graduate Center: The only national non-profit
organization dedicated to aiding Indian graduate students in all fields of study.

Links to Personal Home Pages of or about American Indians.

Native Links by Tribe: A tremendous collection of links. Culture, language issues (dictionaries, fonts and specific languages according to family), Publications by Native American Authors, bibliographies, American Indian Oral Literature, Journals, Newsletters and Newspapers, Native Nations by State, Language and Literature, Native American Law, Gaming, Cultural Protection, Environmental Issues, Multi-Racial Issues, Documents, Timelines, Maps, Tribal Histories and Statistics, American Indian Schools, Colleges and Universities, Music, Art, Culture Centers, Museums, Film, Research Facilities, and more!

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Records of the BIA: Central Classified Files, 19071939.